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If you have any issues with your membership, please read the below FAQ before contacting us, as it's designed to answer 99% of any e-mail enquiries.

If you can't find the answer to your question below, please e-mail us at

Frequently Asked Questions

All of the questions below relate only to Catalyst Online, our online subscription service. Our other coaching products have different terms & conditions, which can be found on the Catalyst Climbing site.

Where do I find the training plans?

The training plans are found in the "resources" tab underneath each weekly training plan video. They are downloadable PDFs.

Click here to view this week's training resources.

What's the difference between Catalyst Online and Catalyst Climbing?

Catalyst Online is our online subscription-based coaching platform, where we offer live streamed workouts, guest coach Q&As, elite masterclasses, as well as weekly climbing training plans, all for one low monthly price.

Catalyst Climbing, as well as being the name of the company, covers all of our other non-subscription coaching products. These include:

  1. In-person coaching

  2. Online coaching

  3. Standalone training plans

  4. Personalised training plans

  5. Social climbing classes

  6. Senior & Junior climbing teams

What is included in a Catalyst Online membership?

Catalyst Online includes a LOT of stuff, for not very much money! You'll get access to:

  1. Weekly training plans, designed by head coach Louis Parkinson, and special guests. These are for both on, and off-the-wall climbing.

  2. Daily live climbing workouts covering general conditioning, fingerboarding, and more, featuring guest coaches like Hazel Findlay, and Neil Gresham.

  3. Masterclasses from elite climbers.

  4. Live coaching Q&As with famous climbers, like Alex Megos, Lynn Hill, and Shauna Coxsey.

  5. Dozens of hours of previous training content.

  6. Direct access to our in-house Physio, Nutritionist, and Mindset coach, for free online consultations.

When does the weekly content arrive?

Training plans are published at 12pm UK time each Sunday.

Masterclasses (when scheduled) are published at the same time as the training plans.

Live coaching Q&As are almost always on a Sunday at 6pm.

The weekly live schedule is regularly updated, and should always have at least the next 5 day's of scheduled classes present.

Who writes the Catalyst Online training plans?

The training plans are usually written by Louis Parkinson. An ex-team GB athlete, Louis has been perfecting his training technique over 10 years of coaching.

Periodically Louis will be joined by a guest coach when designing the weekly training plans.

Can I gain access to previous week's training plans?

Sorry, but when a week is over, the training plan is removed. Don't worry though, the plans aren't sequential - each one will give you a standalone week of training without the need for the previous week.

And you'll always receive as much training as you pay for - if you sign up mid-month, you'll receive training plans until the middle of the next month.

How do I view the upcoming schedule?

You can view the short-term schedule by clicking the "schedule" page. If you want to view a longer-term schedule, you can subscribe to the Catalyst calendar by clicking here.

Can I request a coach for a Q&A?

Absolutely! Just hop onto the Discord channel and make a suggestion!

How do I access the Nutritionist, Physio, & Mindset Coach?

You can gain direct access to the our physio Cris Costa, our nutritionist Tom Herbert, and our Mindset Coach Hazel Findlay, by hopping onto the Discord channel.

How do I join the Discord?

You can join the Discord channel by clicking here.

How often will I be billed?

Membership bills monthly, and continue until cancelled.

Can I book a private coaching session?

Absolutely! Please visit our private coaching page here, on the main website.

Our private coaching sessions have different terms & conditions, which can be found on the main page.

I thought I cancelled but I've still been charged. What happened?

In September 2020, we launched a product called the Community Training Membership. If you signed up for this (i.e. before Jan 1st 2021), you will have been billed on an initial platform called PayWhirl.

As part of this membership, you were given free access to what was then Catalyst On Demand.

We have since relaunched this membership as Catalyst Online, and merged the two platforms.

If you signed up on the initial platform, you need to cancel by visiting the original payment portal here. Please note, cancelling on Catalyst Online will not stop your billing if you originally signed up on the old payment platform.

If you signed up on the old platform, you will continue to receive access to Catalyst Online, unless you have elected to cancel on the PayWhirl payment portal.

All new signups will be billed solely on Catalyst Online, and the previous payment platform has now been removed for everyone but those who signed up on it initially.

I'm still receiving e-mails, but I thought I cancelled?

If you are still receiving e-mails, but though you'd cancelled, one of three things has happened:

  1. You have cancelled your membership, but it will remain active until the renewal date. You will receive e-mails up until this date. You can check this by logging into your account and viewing your billing information.

  2. You have not successfully cancelled.

  3. Instead of cancelling, you have removed your payment details. This is not the same as cancelling, and results in the platform thinking you still wish to be a member, but do not have a payment method attached to pay. Please re-submit your credit card information, and cancel your account by visiting the billing page.

What is your refund policy?

Refunds are not available after a payment has been processed, sorry.

We provide a week's notice for renewal payments, and due to being a small team the administration of correcting customer mistakes is too much of a burden.

We make it super clear that you'll be rebilled, so we ask that you please cancel on time!

The video streaming isn't smooth, how can I fix it?

The platform is hosted with unlimited bandwith, so there should be no problems with lag.

If any of the live sessions or videos are lagging or stuttering, we suggest lowering the quality of the video stream to accommodate a lower bandwidth, or trying an alternative browser.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel by visiting your billing page here.

Click "Change Plan" and then "Cancel Plan". Your membership will then end at the conclusion of your current billing period.

We cannot process cancellations by e-mail, you must administer the account yourself via the "my accounts page".

Help, it won't let me log in!

Please use the Forgot Password link on the login page, to receive an e-mail link to reset your password.

If your e-mail is not recognised, then either you have no active membership on the service (you may have signed up via our previous payment portal), or you mistyped your e-mail address.

In the latter case, please contact us at and we'll try to fix things for you.

When I log in, it asks for a credit card?

If your membership payment has failed, your account enters "On Hold" status, and you will be prompted to add a successful payment method to be able to log in.

Help, I keep receiving notifications after cancelling!

If you have elected to simply remove your payment details, rather than cancel your subscription, the platform thinks you still want to stay subscribed and simply need to add a new payment method. This means you will continue to receive alerts, and will have a pending invoice to clear.

Please make sure that when cancelling, you cancel your *actual* plan, rather than solely removing your credit card details.

If you do not wish to pay this, then the notifications will stop after 30 days.