Meet the Catalyst Online Coaches!

Membership grants you ongoing access to masterclasses, live coaching Q&As, and one-on-one Discord consultations from our entire coaching squad, as WELL as our weekly special guest coaches that you can see in our schedule.

Louis Parkinson
Head Coach

It's Captain Cutloose himself! Ex-Team GB climber Louis Parkinson has been coaching for over 10 years, working with multiple Team GB members, and world class athletes.

With a strong focus on enjoyment, as well as efficiency, his patented coaching method is designed to provide motivation, as well as results.

Neil Gresham
Senior Coach

Neil has been at the cutting edge of the British climbing scene for over two decades, performing at a high standard in disciplines ranging from sport climbing to deep water soloing, winter and traditional climbing.

At Catalyst, he's here to pass on that knowledge to help you train more efficiently.

Hazel Findlay

Mindset Coach

A living legend in the sport, with countless world-class ascents to her name, Hazel Findlay is also one of the world's best mindset coaches.

Looking for input on managing your headgame, overcoming a fear of falling, or pushing yourself to your limit? Hazel is here to guide you to success.

Aidan Roberts

Catalyst Athlete

One of the world's strongest boulderers, and he's only just getting started. Aidan climbed 8C sport by the time he was 16, and just put up the UK's hardest boulder problem - a V16 called Superpower.

Aidan is here to give training advice, and professional support, right from the very top level of the sport.

Cristiano Costa

When Alex Honnold had a shoulder injury that seemingly nobody could cure, there was one man who fixed it. And it only took him 15 minutes.

Cris Costa is one of the world's leading physiotherapists, with a focus on climbing and climbing injuries. And he's here to keep you fit, healthy, and ready to train.

Tom Herbert


Better known as "Useful Coach", Tom Herbert has been specialising in climbing nutrition for years, helping climbers benefit from his exhaustive knowledge about nutrition, supplements, and diet.

Training at your limit, but still hitting a plateau? Tom might be exactly who you need to speak to.